2011.3.11 unforgettable moment-東北関東大震災








留学、駐在、様々な理由があると思いますが、Open Mindで中国という国、人と触れ合って欲しいと思います。

Thank you China.
Please pray with us for Japan


It's been 2month and a bit since I've been back to Japan from Guangzhou City.
I never come cross with the idea of experiencing unforgettable disaster during my stay in Japan

I was inside of the metro when earthquake happened.
I didn't experience earthquake for 9years that made me simply shocked & freaked out….
Straight after the quake, Tokyo City had over millions, millions of refugee who was unable to go home.
I kept walking to reach home, coz I was desperate…

All my family are sympathetic to the people in Tohoku, devastated by the images we see on the media.
We do still suffer after shakes and other side effects of this disaster everyday….
Naturally, we communicate closer these days and think together what we can do for victims of this biggest earthquake ever in Japan.

My Chinese friends & people who I've known through my Guangzhou life, contacted me immediately, offering me a help.
"If you need anything, I can send something from China to you, so please feel free to ask"
I was very touched when I receive such a warm message from them even the owner of shoe factory located in country side has asked via my ex Chinese agent.

Anti China, Anti Japan demonstration was still happening, however, China offered us helpful found & support that is a truth.
Some ungraceful people said "That's performance for political reasons" which I totally disagreed and ignored.
I believe what I know, what I see, what I experienced in China strongly and thankful to this country.

For people who is going to China for study abroad, for work, for several reasons.
Please be open minded and see people & country widely.
Communicate with people and experience the country closer.
Everyone has good & bad.
It's apply to all humans, unrelated with nationality or race.

I would like to take this blog page as an opportunity to thank China and please pray with us for Japan